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My mother was a teacher for math and physics and my father a small business man. Both came from very different parts of East Germany. They met at the historic 40th anniversary of East Germany in East Berlin. 

So I should be born on the nostalgic end of an era. The end of the GDR. I was born in the beautiful hanseatic city of Rostock I should grow up in the Suburbs but going later back to Rostock to attend the progressive school there from 1997 to 2010. Then I worked on my novel "Schicksal Verweht im Wind" and started on a voluntary year in Schwerin. Then I went to the East to the remote academic town of Greifswald to study there for three semesters German literature, history and political science. All without tuition fees as it is common with state universities in Germany. Then I changend to the Free University of Berlin. What I did in the mean time you are invited to find out here. But I have to warn you about the following content. It is pretty single-sided: 

Born in 1990 I had the privilege to learn early in life in highschool that nothing is more satisfying then public service by working as an intern for a member of the national parliament in Berlin and the local district office.

And learned later more about it by participating in some simulations of legistlative bodies: I actually lost count how many it have been, but highlights were surely the honor to participate three times at "Youth in the Parliament," where the young participants could work as members of the national German Parliament for four days and learn about how to adopt comprehensive legistlations to build a more perfect union:

From reaching across the aisle in the committee work, over convincing your own caucuses and present finally your comprehensive piece of legistlation to the floor and with so a broader public.


I continued to learn about the literally vital legistlative branche by participating three years by youth in the state parliament in the wonderful castle of Schwerin and in Bremen at the first and only official German Youth Parlaiment at the 20th  anniversary of the German Reunification. 


Furthermore I worked as a delegate for the European Youth Parliament EYP  and as staff member for the simulation  of the European Parliament SIMEP conducted in a domestic way in Berlin by the Young European Movement and concentrating on high school students in Berlin and the bordering states. I also participated at a simulation on the Council of Ministers on enviromental issues.


Moreover I was honored to get nominated as a delegate for NMUN 2014 in New York and to work in such a rather elite community on innovative ideas on how to solve the most staggering challenges around the globe.

Working in die UN Population Fund the issue of health for women giving birth came into my compass. Beside maternal health or also called reproductive healthcare came urbanization and migration to my attention. And in the prior UN Study tour it was so extraordinary to visit the UN Security Council and getting a lot of important UN briefings in the UN headquarter. And right over there in Big Apple it has been a distinct honor and privilege to meet the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations his Excellency Jan Kenneth Eliasson.


Literally by the way I found the passion of my life. dealing with development policy by fighting extreme poverty as a young ambassador on the ONE Campaign. My introduction remarks telling more about it.


And last but not least I attended in 2012 the Greifswald Ukrainian Summer School. Which changed partly my way of reflecting about the current invasion of Russian troops in the Ukraine. So this experience was truly helpful to get an insight into the current crisis right over there in the Ukraine.  


My first NMUN experience ever was also at a local Model UN conference in this town. Greifswald is sending excellent delegations to New York and is coming with many awards back. Here, where I had to represent the Ukraine in the UNFCC, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

 I studied there their stunning progresive rhetoric on this vital policy field. The staff considered actually to change my country distribution to an strongly affected African country, which was heavily influenced by the impact of climate change.


So the most important issues of the world - hunger and climate change - affected me constantly about a wide period of time. Apart from that the faith in God and Jesus Christ of the World Youth Day every four year is inspiring me tremendously.

As the distrust in democracy and politics is troubling me. Distrust in single parties or politicians more often than not because of corruption are horrible diseases for democracies. But only democracies can heal them by subsituting through different lawmakers or government officials. Public pressure and the right to vote revitalize the integrity of every democracy. So let God bless our democracies. That they are not vindicating but having a strong and hopefully eternal comeback.



          On Favourite Books:

  • GameChange & Double Down by Mark Halperin & John Heilemann

  • Margaret Thatcher the Authorized Biography - volume one: Not For Turning by Charles Moore

  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón corresponding Barcelona novels

  • Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton

  • Dan Brown's: Illuminati, Inferno and not least Sakrileg

  • Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration by His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

  • Open Mind, Faithful Heart: Reflections on Following Jesus by His Holiness Pope Francis

  • Only the Truth by Georg Gänswein - about an intimidate insight into Pope Benedict XVI.


              On Favourite

              Movie Serials:

  • With respect to childhood:

  • The animated one's:

  • Alladin

  • Papyrus

  • As Adult:

  • House of Cards

  • [USA Version]

  • VEEP

  •  Downton Abbey

  • Hogan's Heroes

  • On Five destinantion I always wanted to travel...

  • Valley of the Kings, Egypt

  • Kapstadt, South Africa 

  • Bhutan

  • Maine OregonTouring from Portland, to Portland

  • San Francisco

  • President's of the United States that I admire most:

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Bill Clinton

  • Favorite characters in History:

  • Emperor Augustus

  • King Richard III.

  • Maria Theresa

  • Tutanchamun

  • Eleonore of Aquetania

  • Queen Victoria

  • Cleopatra VII. - the last pharao of Egypt


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