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Originally the idea for this website was about adding space for some missing letters on my twitter account. In the process the idea transformed to a larger project: For instance to introduce some issues I care about such as the anti-poverty campaign.


Now I wanna introduce myself to you, because this website is adressing You: I am a young writer, ONE Youth Ambassador -

 with so advocate against extreme poverty and a young man, who is literally addicted by public service and inspired by policies, politiy and politics. Already as a pretty young guy I felt the desire to go beyond the talking points and soundbites to engage in politics

with this old fashion aim of serving your country. Well, I have to confess I still do!


 The center of my motivation still bases on excatly, 

what post-modern pundits call old fashion attitude:  that politics is about the people and about making a difference in your life. I admire lawmakers who puts fiscal discipline first. For instance I am very proud about the fiscal state of Germany.  A nation so close on a balanced budget and I appreciate that Berlin state has now even a surplus, after a decade of huge and partly skyrocketing deficites.


My second confession is on foreign policy: I have a deep cosmopolitical interest literally and figuratively from Berlin to Benin: Targeting North American, moving criss-cross the 54 recognized states of Africa plus the West-Sahara, honoring  the biggest ally of the west Israel - whose interest always will stay close to my heart - covering the exceptional "German French bilateral relation," with a special passion for Weimar Triangle between Germany, France & Poland and not neglecting Russia - a foreign country I visited with barely 16 on a schoolexchange and whose fascinating language I learned on a private school since first grade and I have here to admit I am a passionate follower of the concept of "smart power" concerning foreign policy.


And YES! My third confession is about the needs of time: After literally 44 POTUS of male gernder - You Know - I just think it's time to take a look to Americas most finest women and to impulse, urge, push, endorse and support America's most qualified women on their historic run for the oval office on both sides of the aisle!

Thanks to Selina Meyer, there is at least a Vice POTUS breathing and going in D.C. - which is Great News - from the great home state of Minnesota and exceptional native state of Hollywood. And by the way I don't mind but don't you think it's time for Latino America to be considred on the ticket as well? It's not Breaking News that Latino America is bigger than Marco Rubio: So just for instance Julian Castro from the state of Texas and on the Republican side the first Latina governor of the nation, Susana Martinez [New Mexico} and many more prominent aspiring and inspiring hispanic names should't be missed on any shortlist in 2016!

America as the shining city upon the hill stands figuratively for the power of freedom that inspired the people in Poland to  put down the Iron Curtain and in East Germany to put down the Berlin Wall. And I salut Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher right away to make this historical development possible that led to the end of the cold war:

By growing up in the post bipolar decade in East Germany I got inspired every day on the American Dream. The other cultures of the West always strived to replicate this land of opportunity ethos. The cultural code deeply rooted in the historical imperative of America since Revolutionary War that it is not about your background but about your God Given talent. 


As I wrote prior this website is about you! I am raised in the conviction that it is about contributing in building our community forward: I promise never to forget about those, who have to fight to live from 1,25$ a day. You know, I am passionate on this and hope You will join our common effort and fight the revolution to end extreme poverty until 2030. 


This is a true grassroots campaign. Whether knocking on doors, making some phone calls, holding a sign before an important rally, talking to a neighbor in your local community or donating a tweet for our cause - the only way to win this is with your help! A world, where everybody born even in the most poorest circumstances has a fair shot to raise up to his or her God Given potential is in your hand. And no less then that we can accomplish, if willing governments, engaged citizen, a caring private sector and inspiring philanthropists are giving all their very best on this.


Public service or politics is not about advancing your own interest or enjoying a profession full of privileges, but it is about serving your consituency, the people and not least human mankind. That's why my first priority was about serving those neglected on the global economic sideline, the gender sideline, the religious sideline, the ethnic sideline, the LGBT sideline or the rural periphery in the so called global South. Especially those totally overseeen, overlooked and invisible by their governments

fighting for a pure survival, instead of getting their children to private school, should be our first instead our last priority as post modern individuals called homo politicus.


And You know what? I always will support the middle class,

which is the engine of our economy and the true backbone of

our society. It is in fact no pure accident that every functioning democracy has a shining middle class. Democracy get's in jeopardy,

where ever the middle class is gone or never really emerged. That's why all of us simply have to be an advocate for a truly prospering middle class or we can't inherit a functioning nation to the next generation. As promised above this is not a talking point or a piece of  a well written soundbite, but simply the pure essence of every study I conducted either in history or politics throughout my entire time in academia. Here matches passionate belief any rationale political argument: The middle class is the rock, where the values of our very Republic are founded upon. It's imperative to get in our bloodstream as post modern citizen that every candidate for public office has to put middle class policies first. My friends not only on the party platform or on the issues for instance on some glorious websites, but in real life legistlation. If he or she run's for State Office, Congress, Prime Minister, President or Federal Chancellor. In short only a middle class President can move our economy forward. 


And we never shall quit on the indispensable transatlantic relation or forget about the basic fact: That America is truly an exceptional nation. I hope you will enjoy the following sites and I am most eager to hear about you, listen to your story and getting your comment as well as your literally vital input. Let's get truly beyond the soundbites and poll driven policy proposals. It takes no more than a digital kitchen table to decide the future of our country and several, if not all of the global issues. The future of the next generation is truly at stake. As the Founding Fathers, who set up the most glorious nation on Earth, took with bold decions the future in their hands, we have to take our future back in our hands. We all know the parable of the mote and the beam. So let's critical evaluate our own approach with respect to consumption, fiscal balance, treatment of real life refugee's in the neighborhood as  well as  somewhere far away on foreign shore's and what really matter's in life. We all got born and raised by one or several champion's that acted as shinning city upon the hill in the local community, the national scene or on the global level. A true champion is someone, who gets up when he can't and has a motivation of winning above and beyond his own interests. So let's start a 21th century competition to be such a champion, who takes care for those tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Thank you. May God bless you and your family.


             Best Regards from Berlin, Germany














Die glücklichen Zeiten der Menschheit sind die leeren Blätter im

Buch der Geschichte.

Leopold von Ranke





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>>I didn't leave bodybuilding until I felt that I had gone as far as I could go. It will be the same with my film career. When I feel the time is right, I will then consider public service. I feel that the highest honor comes from serving people and your country.<<

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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